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This is a personal graphics journal owned by inside. I've had a couple of graphics journals before this one (_liveforever and madebymi). I'll be posting icons, blends, and wallpapers for the public to use. This is a community but I'm the only member (since I'm the only one who posts). Everything is public, so just add the community to your friends list to keep up with updates.

R U L E S :
[x] If you're going to use anything, comment and let me know what you're taking. I like to keep track of where things are going.

[x] Credit for icons should be placed in your icon keywords. Just add "outside_icons" somewhere. Any other graphics must be credited in your userinfo. Take a look at this tutorial by merky if you need more help, or just ask me.

[x] Don't edit anything that I've made (unless I post bases, but this is a rarity).

[x] Don't direct-link off of my server. Get your own account at Photobucket.

[x] Feel free to use my graphics at DJ or GJ, or anywhere else. But add 'outside_icons at LJ' in your keywords. A link-back to this journal would be nice if you use icons on a forum.

[x] Don't post my graphics at other places and claim them as your own. Don't redistribute them on any other website without my permission.

[x] Award nominations are great but please let me know which icon you're nominating and where.

[x] I don't do requests.

A F F I L I A T E S :

If you're interested in affiliating with me, leave a comment here. You may use one of the following buttons as links if you like but please don't direct-link.

L I N K S :

Communities I'm a part of:
Take Note Icons // Lost Icons // Glittericious // LOTR Icons // Pop Icons // Good Celeb Icons // Decorous Icons // Pop Trash

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